Anthology of Prospects – More Scars Than Friends

As the blade edges closer to the skin
She shakes in fear of her own torture.
Too pleasant to point fingers at others
She blames herself for this mental disorder.

Too many a person refuse to stand by
She – a lady with too much baggage to lift.
Others would rather watch her suffer, as
She cant even appreciate life’s special gift.

Maybe one day she will regain hope
She has opportunities she doesn’t even know.
Yet oblivious to her potential,
She continues to dig in deeper in her flow.

Unless we offer to help her,
She will continue to dig deeper into her trap,
Until one day she’s pushed too far,
She, short lived, found bathing in a never ending nap.

Anthology of Prospects – Fair Lady

As my fingertips fall south of your cheek,
I remonstrate with an image of my ambition
For Fair Lady I have shadowed lies in my passion
A second love much higher than your position
I am sure that you will love again
yet a part hopes that you stay keen
Maybe I shall come back for you one day
Only the day that I am living the dream

For I am not rich in poison
nor a spike of ivy in your daffodils den
I have experienced only the purest true love
However I lacked the possessions then.

Oh precious Fair Lady while you curse my absence during your solace
I continue to work in silence in hope that maybe our day will come
Much time has passed yet my feelings are yet to wash away
Fair lady, I will be back for you, just be patient for that day.